sum.mation for Windows!

Yep, that's right - we've finally finished the sum.mation plug-in for our Windows friends. It was a bit more complicated than we had originally thought, but the AAX, RTAS, and VST versions are ready for action! Just head over to the downloads page of our website and grab v322 for either Mac or Windows.

Take a peek at sum.mation:

64-bit plugins are here!

We're happy to announce that all of the sum.mation plugins are now available in 64-bit. AAX, Audio Units, VST — we've got you covered! And of course, as always, they're free upgrades. For those of you who are hanging back a little from the bleeding edge, they're all 32-bit as well (RTAS too). Head on over to the downloads page to get yours.


We are currently working on 64-bit support across all of our plugins. We know how important it is to all of our customers — AU, VST, and soon AAX — and we wanted to keep you up to date. We have beta versions of all platforms in various stages of completeness, but we still have more tweaks to do before releasing the final versions.

64-bit support, Avid's AAX format —as well as the new copy protection mechanisms — have all been a bit more work than anticipated. The bright side is that this rewrite has allowed us to streamline the process for future builds, and improve plugin performance as well.

At this time, we can't say exactly when the final versions will be released, but if you're feeling adventurous, try the public beta versions available on the website. We'll let you know the minute the final release versions are ready.

AU Plugin is here!

We are happy to announce that the Audio Units version of the sum.mation plugin is now available! Head on over to the downloads section of the website and check it out. While we were at it, we upgraded the RTAS version of the plugin as well to improve communication between Pro Tools and the sum.mation hardware. We haven't forgotten about our VST friends — your version is almost done.

Happy New Year, and happy mixing!

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Greiner Engineering Tools is now an authorized Avid Development Partner!

We're happy to announce that Greiner Engineering Tools is now an authorized Avid Development Partner. This means that we're completely committed to ensuring that your Greiner Engineering Tools product will always be compatible with Pro Tools. It also means that an AAX version of the sum.mation control plugin is underway, and will be available soon.



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